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Outdoor Lighting

Bluecolt® designed back-lighting for the logos of a major university that were installed on the exterior of their athletic buildings.  Our Light Bars were mounted on the back of the concrete logos and magnetically affixed to a steel channel.  This was an ideal solution for the challenge of back-lighting the logos with a 4" clearance from the wall.

Hospitality Lighting

Bluecolt® provided the aesthetic and functional lighting for a major social hall renovation.  The ceiling coves and perimeter alcoves were lit using our Light Bars; we provided the PAR lamps for the ceiling accent lights; we also provided L.E.D. candelabra lamps for the chandeliers.

Industrial Lighting

Bluecolt® value-engineered a lighting solution that produced a 17% reduction in overall project cost. Prior to start of construction, we identified potential glare on the production floor because of the high light levels desired for this area. Bluecolt designed specialized optics for our fixtures that exceeded lighting requirements while minimizing glare. 

Workspace Lighting

Bluecolt® built suspended slimline L.E.D. fixtures to provide direct and indirect lighting for a multi-story office build-out at a historic building.  The fixtures were designed to connect in a sequence and provided separate controls for the direct and indirect lighting.

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